The future trend of cosmetic packaging design


With the development of cosmetic packaging, personalized and systematic packaging design has also begun in the cosmetics field. A good cosmetic packaging can reflect the taste and grade of cosmetics, and many consumers will also choose products that suit them because of the product packaging design. With the development of cosmetic packaging, packaging design increasingly reflects future trends.

1. Highlight individualization in cosmetic packaging
The soul of the cosmetics industry is innovation, and the same is true for cosmetic packaging. New concepts and new product prototypes must be continuously developed. Even avoid designing and producing packaging that is already on the market. This requires that in addition to innovation, we must also understand the true needs of consumers.

2. Timely application of advanced technology
Looking for more effective and convenient ways to use cosmetic packaging is indeed one of the main ways to make your products unique. For example, in the dispersion system of cosmetic packaging, when the cap is opened, the product will only flow out when the container is squeezed. The cosmetic packaging uses this cap, which can be used with one hand without making a mess.

3. Multi-layer plastic composite packaging technology is quietly emerging
As a product closely related to the beauty industry, cosmetic packaging needs to be both protective, functional and decorative, and multi-layer plastic composite technology has attracted much attention. It can make multiple layers of different types of plastic compound together to form containers of any color and shape at one time. On the one hand, it can enhance the performance of the package to isolate light and air; on the other hand, by kneading different kinds of substances, it can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel in appearance.

4. Diversified cosmetic packaging styles
Cosmetic packaging bottle body design still pursues simplicity, but more and more designers like to use colored bottles. In addition, in cosmetic packaging, the braking device must be smooth and soft. In perfume packaging, pump designs are becoming more and more sophisticated, especially low-profile pumps are particularly popular.

5. Application of new materials
Transparency is a major trend in cosmetic packaging today. Glass containers have the advantages of non-toxicity, good airtightness, and smooth surface, and they have occupied an important position in the packaging industry. However, there are shortcomings of fragility and inconvenience for handling. Nowadays, there is a technology that adds alumina nanoparticles to ordinary glass, which can obviously change the brittleness of glass, so it has great feasibility in glass cosmetic packaging.

6. Green packaging
Green packaging refers to cosmetic packaging that can be recycled and will not pollute the environment. Its connotation is resource recycling and ecological environmental protection. It means a new technological revolution in the packaging industry-solving packaging material waste The treatment and development of degradable plastics.